Watercolors of Cabot's Pueblo Museum

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Why Watercolors?

Watercolors are wonderfully portable and allow me to wander the beautiful grounds of the Museum and paint plein-aire style.  I am completely charmed by the buildings and grounds, painting possibilities are everywhere.

Mesquite Tree and trunk

This is a view of the back of the Gallery and one of Curator Edna Wells charming landscape arrangements.

Palo Verde and Cactus

This is the front courtyard.  It was a very bright sunny day so I chose to leave a lot of white to help convey that.

Shady Path

This is from the back of the main building shaded by a huge old mesquite tree.  It has been made even more charming with the addition of old chairs and potted plants.


This is a view of the Mother's House and the Pyramid.  The sign for the Weather Rock can be seen in the foreground.  The path was especially intriguing to me.

The Barn

The shadows of midday sun on the door, through the open board roof was too much for me to resist.

Edna's Bottles

Another one of the Curators arrangements, the colors and textures caught my eye and had to be painted.

Coffee Pot

This old rusty coffe pot sitting in a rusty frying pan was so rich in color and texture.  The contrast between the rusty oranges and the faded blues were so beautiful.

Dedication Rock

This is another front view, with the angles of the old adobe buildings, the rythmic repittion of the cactus pads and the rich color contrasts.