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Donnalda Smolens

Donnalda is a very creative person. She started painting at age 3 by painting the walls of her fathers studio with his paints squeezed directly from the tubes. In elementary school she was winning competitions and using brushes and crayons. In high school she refined her drawing and painting style by studying the works of Van Gogh, and the Impressionists. During the 60's she discovered collage, paper crafts and costume jewelery using colored wire and beads. Then she went back to school and majored in art and ceramics took her fancy. Riverside City College has one of her paintings in their permanent collection and she won honorable mention in a National Competition for Women Ceramics Artists. Moving to the Salton Sea Outback brought her to the natural elements of grasses and twigs, so she made baskets and sold them in several galleries. Founder of Dancing Lizards artist cooperative she promoted several exhibitions by local artists. In 1999 she came back to the "city". She had a working studio and retail gallery at Palapas of Araby Cove. A landscape nursery and artists cooperative in Palm Springs California. Still painting and concentrating on paper arts she wants to share it all with a wider audience.  Now in a new location at Cabot's Pueblo Museun in Desert Hot Springs, CA  she has created a new class structure to give more students a chance to become the artist they want to be.  She also demonstrates her magic with watercolors during the season at this Historic Site.

Class Information For Fall/Winter 2008/2009

Class Days-  Wednesdays 10am-2pm $15.00

                     Thursdays  10am-2pm $15.00

                      Fridays   10am-2pm $15.00          

                      At Cabot's Pueblo Museum   Upper Level    

                      Call for more information   760-329-8997

Special Workshops will be happening this Fall.

Local Art Events

This is my contribution to the Path of the Bighorn fundraiser here in Palm Springs.  It is called Ancient Art and it is on exhibit at the McCallum Theater in Palm Desert. My sponsors are Fay and Dick McClung. To learn more about this fabulous project go to www.pathofthebighorn.com.

They have now begun auctioning off all of the bighorns.

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